Scales of War

Temple Between Game 2

The next day, having taken care of the problem at the shrine the party split up, doing some more investigation and taking care of personal business. The party discovers from there old friend Kalad that Capitan Aerun has ordered Grovald to be moved. The warrior spent time practicing with the long sword, Wicked Fang. The wizard entered the party’s adventures into the logs of history at the Temple of Ioun. The paladin spent time at the temple of the Raven Queen and made an appointment to see the High Priestess. The rogue scouted out the site of the old Temple of Moradin in the Nine Bells and found another adventuring party, the Freeriders, helping with security.

Armed with this information the party decides to bluster and cajole the Freeriders at their inn. After threats and the rogue’s attempt to pick a fight the party decided to go scout the Temple of Moradin at night. As they hit the street they find the twins waiting on them. The fight is brutal but the party prevails, finally destroying a pair of old nemeses. At the temple the rogue is unable to turn up any real clues.

The following day the party again splits and follows various leads. The warrior hangs at the Ministry of War to see what info he can scare up on Capitan Aerun and ends up paying urchins to watch for him. The paladin speaks to the High Priestess of the Raven Queen and finds her suspect. The wizard continued studies at the Temple of Ioun. The rogue studied the Stone Anvil, the true Temple of Mordin. His intention was to follow Durkik the High Priest; unfortunately he realized he had no idea what Durkik looked like.

During dinner one of the urchins returns and informs the warrior that Capitan Aerun made his way to a warehouse. The Headsmen set forth to investigate finding a meeting of sorts going on. They attack holding the main office and finishing the doppelganger and possessed threat. A captured doppelganger gives them the location of the kidnapped Durkik whom they free from an insidious trap. He tells them that General Zithiruun has plans in Mountainroot Temple and begs them to go on behalf of the city. He also offers 3600 gps for the return of the Incumalulum Primeval.



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