Scales of War

The Temple Between

It Begins

After returning to Brindol with the released Amyria the party found themselves in Androniuis Alchemy shop. He brought out an old cask; unlocking it he produced a little brown jug. Upon drinking the potion within, the party felt themselves change: attributes, skills, feats and powers became mutable.

The next morning the airship set forth for Overlook. Four days later the Headsmen found Overlook preparing for war, what war no one was certain, but better to be “safe than slaughtered.” The party settled in to the Mountain Hearth with their old friend Reggen the dwarven matron.

It would seem that our heroes are becoming quite popular as word was left by the priestess of Erathis, Lavinya, for them to come see her right away. They headed over to the Temple of Erathis in the Nine Bells district. On the way they noticed that the old Temple of Moridin was being repaired. They passed by the Temple of Pelor where they rescued the messenger from Brindol. As they spoke to Lavinya they were told that Haelyn, the keeper of Erathis’ Shrine, has disappeared and the other priests and priestesses are acting very differently. The party headed up to the shrine that evening to check in on Haelyn and found a cottage not prepared by someone leaving on a long trip or spiritual journey.

Outside the party is confronted by Haelyn’s “replacement” groundskeeper Grovald, who attacks with help from some town thugs and two doppleganger assassins. The party makes short work of them and questions Grovald finding that he too is interested in the bounty but also has killed Haelyn at the Priest of Moridin, Durkik’s, instruction. The Headsmen hand him over to the authorities and contemplate their next move.



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